Seasonality & growing

​At Wilcox we understand what effects climate, soil quality, growing seasons and geographic areas have on individual potato types.

Knowledge of the many different potato types and how they respond to these growing conditions is essential to achieve the best possible quality. In order for Wilcox to be able to supply to the market all year round we sequentially plant at approriate times throughout the year in different parts of the country.


Crops are seeded during the New Zealand winter – June, July and August.


As the crop grows, plant health is monitored for diseases and insects to ensure that protectant sprays are only used as necessary. Growing to maturity takes between seven and eight months.


The crop is hand-clipped to ensure good skin quality and minimise the time the crop lies in the field. The picked and clipped onions are left in rows awaiting harvest.


After about seven to ten days of field curing, the onion stems have healed. The onions are then harvested by machine into airy wooden bins to minimise handling and achieve good curing conditions while in storage.


In the pack-house the onions are accurately sized by machine, and then carefully graded by eye to ensure best quality product. The onions are then packed ready for distribution to the New Zealand domestic market.Onions grown by Wilcox are also exported to Europe and Asia. For more information please go to